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Dr. Gonstead was born in 1898, and developed juvenile rheumatoid arthritis as a boy. After failed medical care at a university, his aunt took him to her chiropractor where he got relief. After a short engineering career, he became a chiropractor in 1923. Dr Gonstead opened up a clinic in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin where he practiced and perfected his "Gonstead" technique for 55 years till his death in 1978.

He was persuaded by other chiropractors to start teaching his work. He developed the pelvis analysis, chiropractic tables, advanced skin temperature instruments, full spine x-rays with line analysis to locate and correct in a very precise way that gave predictable results and could be explained scientifically.

In 1964, he built a 29,000 square foot office with a hotel next door to accommodate all the patients that traveled to his clinic and for other chiropractors attending his teaching seminars.

"Dr. T" devoted his life to carry on Dr. Gonstead's work. Dr. J. Larry Troxell started the 5 Points Clinic in Davenport, Iowa. He was an instructor at Palmer College for five years, as the head of the Technique Department. Dr. Troxell started the Troxell Intern Program to mentor young chiropractic students and doctors in the Gonstead Method.

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